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Who’s Squashing All of Boston’s Robots?

Boston's Squashed Robot: Memorial, Warning, Failed Invasion?
Boston’s Squashed Robot: Protest, Memorial, Failed Invasion?

I was crossing Atlantic Ave. today and saw something weird.  There’s a very squashed robot in the crosswalk.  But I don’t know why.  I have several theories. Continue reading Who’s Squashing All of Boston’s Robots?

City Nature: Bunny!!!

Bunny in the City
Bunny in the City

We saw this little fella in the park near our apartment and discovered that it is most likely either a New England Cottontail Rabbit or an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.  According to this article in, the New England Cottontail has recently been moving closer and closer to the endangered species list as it is outcompeted by the Eastern Cottontails that were introduced for hunting.  Of course, it’s always lovely to see creatures out and about and I certainly hope that this little guy is a true New Englander and not just an Eastern transplant like me, but it’s also sad to learn of a species in decline.

Family Identity – Finding the Words

Identity + Blank Slate = ?
Identity + Blank Slate = ?

Once we knew what our general goals were with this project, we had to begin working towards them.  But because we’d agreed that we wanted to create our statement ourselves, we had to decide how to go about doing that…

Step 1: Explain the idea to the kids. We began by telling the kids we were thinking about what it means to be a member of our family.  I explained that, in our house, it means that we’re all related, of course, but that it also means that we share some similarities and that we use our differences to work together like a team.  Then I let it simmer on low. Continue reading Family Identity – Finding the Words