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Hey! It’s the World Series!

The World Series starts today in Fenway Park!  What do we know about Fenway?  Well, it’s David Ortiz’s favorite place to hit home runs.  Also, it first opened in 1912 and it’s the oldest Major League Baseball stadium, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of it to celebrate the Sox!

There's a plaque!  (That means it's historic)
There’s a plaque! (That means it’s historic)

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Offbeat Home & Life

October 9th’s post “The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home dad” was included on the Offbeat Home & Life blog!  I’m pretty excited about this because Offbeat Home & Life is one of my favorite websites – I even had an earlier post on equal parenting back in August about another article they featured.

Anyway, they always have interesting content from a really diverse array of perspectives on everything you can imagine relating to home and, um, life.  It’s not just limited to family stuff and I highly recommend giving it a look.

If you’ve clicked over to A Family in the City from the Offbeat Empire, welcome!  Feel free to browse around.  I hope you find something you enjoy!

A review for you about Boo at the Zoo

The Stone Zoo, in Stoneham, is small.  That’s probably why we hadn’t visited it in a few years – it didn’t seem like enough bang for our buck.  The last time we visited, we were still living 60 miles away, so a trip to the zoo needed to make itself seem worthwhile.  I’m too conscious of my mortality to spend over 2 hours driving to have fun for only an hour and a half.  I have aches and pains.  My eyesight is poor.  I’m not a young man anymore is what I’m trying to say. So when I spend two hours in the car I want it to see two hours worth of animals and the big hissing cockroaches don’t count. Continue reading A review for you about Boo at the Zoo

Link to this weekend’s edition of The Boston Calendar

If you have an interest in doing things in Boston, you need to check out The Boston Calendar.

What’s that?  You aren’t sure whether you really should?  Well, read the script for this infomercial and you’ll quit that foolish doubting:

Actor: [A pudgy guy who is clearly rooting for the Red Sox based on his luxurious, permanent playoff beard, is sitting in front of the TV flipping through the channels with a bored, slack-jawed, drooly-type expression on his face.]

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So long and thanks for the memories, Mel.

Mel, a Hermann’s tortoise and our second attempt at tortoise ownership, shuffled quietly off this mortal coil recently.  It turns out they’re not as hardy as their tough exterior would suggest.  In fact, they seem to be downright fragile, given how careful we were to provide everything we’d read and heard that they needed.

Rest in peace, Melville.
Rest in peace, Melville.

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Today I review ALL THE THINGS!

Ok.  Maybe not all the things.  But a few.  Actually, just three, but how many blogs give you three reviews at once?  Most likely quite a few.  But maybe this will be different and surprising.  You never know unless you read it.  So go ahead.  Read it.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you are disappointed you can count on me to feel bad about it.

Enough of that.  Let’s get started.  Today our crack team of highly respected reviewers will be reviewing a restaurant, a venue, and a play!

First, the restaurant.  Jacob Wirth‘s is a German restaurant on Stuart St. Continue reading Today I review ALL THE THINGS!

You can’t have Fall without foliage

Like a red carpet.
Like a red carpet.

You can’t have Fall without foliage, so, for those unfortunate folks who will be bragging about living somewhere “warm” to those of us who are lattitudinally advanced come December, I present: foliage.  Because crunching through leaves makes walking the kids to school about 10 times more fun.

Like a sunny day - only not so uncomfortably hot.
Like a sunny day – only not so uncomfortably hot.