A Family in the City & Boston Explorers

I’m excited to announce some big changes to the blog!  I’ll be dividing A Family in the City into two separate websites.  This will allow the blogs to be more consistently useful and interesting to you, my favorite readers!

A Family in the City will now be dedicated full time to posts about family life, kid stuff, and parenting.  This space will feature posts about the hopes and fears parents have, and the kinds of decisions we have to make as parents to successfully guide our kids as they navigate childhood.

Boston Explorers, the new site, can be found at bostonexplorers.com.  It’ll focus on our family’s quest to discover the city.  So, while we’re exploring, I’ll share what we learn about Boston’s history, architecture, art, and culture.  It’ll include reviews of restaurants and interesting shops.  I’ll keep on the lookout for the easiest and best ways to make use of the most well known attractions in Boston as well as reporting out on the hidden, less famous gems we find.

All the content that related to Boston will still be available here on A Family in the City under the Archived category (look in the sidebar to the right), but any new Boston-related posts will be on the Boston Explorers blog.

So, if you like the parenting stuff, keep up with A Family in the City.  If you like the Boston stuff, keep up with Boston Explorers.  If you like both, keep up with both.  If you like neither, keep quiet and don’t tell anyone!

Thanks for reading!