Baby Bongo Born at the Franklin Park Zoo!

A baby Eastern Mountain Bongo named Mdogo (click the link for pictures and the story from Buzzfeed) was born at the Franklin Park Zoo on August 21, 2013!  These Bongos are a critically endangered species of antelope in central Kenya.

A Western Lowland Bongo Photo by Greg Hume
A Western Lowland Bongo
Photo by Greg Hume

Of course, as beautiful as they are, they’re not as popular as the lions and tigers, but Mdogo’s birth is important because bongos are part of the Species Survival Plan set up by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  It is thought that only about 100 Eastern Mountain Bongos survive in the wild.  As cool as it is to see rabbits hopping around at the park or coyotes wandering through town, it’s even more incredible to be able to take the family to the zoo to see animals that may soon be extinct in the wild – especially if it helps kids to understand how important it is to take an interest in conservation that could ultimately prevent that extinction from ever happening!

And just since they’re so darn cute, here’s a link to a video of a baby bongo frolicking at the Melbourne Zoo.