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Dad Jokes Are Not Funny

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Today, while I was putting together the kids’ after school snack, my son, Jack, laid this on me:

Jack: You know, daddy, we’re the same.

Me: We’re the same?

Jack: Yeah. We both want to be funny, but we’re both not that good at it.

Me: Oh. That’s how we’re the same?

Jack: Yeah. Also, we both have all our teeth. Except I still have some that haven’t grown back in yet, so I don’t have all mine.

Me: So, we’re the same because we’re both not funny and because both of us except for you have all our teeth?

Jack: Yeah.

Me: Here’s your snack.

Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Which, apparently, has been a problem for me for longer than I was aware.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, kids. Behold! I am the Beholder of Legend!

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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ― Confucius


In the movies, one of the markers of being a good dad is telling the kids about who’s beautiful. I have no data to back this claim, but I feel like I’ve seen it a lot in popular culture, which surely can’t be wrong. On TV, the good dad always tells his daughter how beautiful she is and/or tells the kids how beautiful their mother is.

I’ve never really done this with any regularity, and it’s nothing to do with how beautiful my family is because they’re all drop dead gorgeous. But, for whatever reason, it occurred to me recently that I should maybe think about this. And when I say it occurred to me, “for whatever reason”, what I mean is “for the simple reason that I worry about all the things all the time, for no reason.” Continue reading Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, kids. Behold! I am the Beholder of Legend!

The never-ending, ever-changing quest for consistent parenting

First, click this link:

The Onion: Dad’s been on a parenting kick lately

Did you click it?  You didn’t click it did you.  Nobody ever listens to me.  Alright, fine.  It’s an article from The Onion that describes an area dad who’s been on a parenting kick.  They interview his daughter who confirms that he’s really been into the parenting stuff for the last week.  But seriously, just click it.  It’s better when you read it.

Next, please tell me I’m not alone in going on various parenting kicks.  (This is called “upping the ask”.) Continue reading The never-ending, ever-changing quest for consistent parenting

Offbeat Home & Life

October 9th’s post “The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home dad” was included on the Offbeat Home & Life blog!  I’m pretty excited about this because Offbeat Home & Life is one of my favorite websites – I even had an earlier post on equal parenting back in August about another article they featured.

Anyway, they always have interesting content from a really diverse array of perspectives on everything you can imagine relating to home and, um, life.  It’s not just limited to family stuff and I highly recommend giving it a look.

If you’ve clicked over to A Family in the City from the Offbeat Empire, welcome!  Feel free to browse around.  I hope you find something you enjoy!

The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home-dad


Last week, I cut through the park in our neighborhood while I was walking home from some errand or another and saw a group of about 10 or 12 women enjoying a picnic with their kids.  The kids had all finished eating and were playing while the moms chatted and laughed. (Don’t judge, working folks, you do the same thing around the water cooler, but you rarely have to interrupt your discussion about the Breaking Bad series finale in order to clean up poop.)

I have to admit that I felt a pang of jealousy when I saw them – for the socialization, not the poop cleaning.  The kind of camaraderie I saw at the park or that I had with my colleagues in the professional world is rarely available for dads who serve as their family’s primary caregiver. Continue reading The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home-dad

Thai Curry: Cooking with Kids from Start to Finish

I really love Thai curries with all their sweet/spicy, coconutty, vaguely fishy splendor.  I didn’t grow up eating Thai food though.  Like many confused, young college students, I went through an experimental phase.  My experimentation involved revisiting the foods I’d tasted and turned down as a kid as well as the foods I never would’ve even given a chance.

My quest to expand my palate led me to a table at the only Thai restaurant that existed in Jackson, Mississippi at the time. Continue reading Thai Curry: Cooking with Kids from Start to Finish

Time for a Quick Rant! Today’s Rant: Women’s Success and Men’s Self-Esteem

Welcome to a Quick Rant.  It’s like a rant, but quicker.

This article, in the University Herald, is headlined, “Young Men’s Self-Esteem Hurt by Female Companion’s Success” (sic, unless they intend to suggest that inadequate feeling young men all share a single companion).  The article reports on a study (link is to a .pdf) published in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by Kate Ratliff and Shigehiro Oishi that describes how men and women respond differently to a romantic partner’s success.  Super-brief overview: they found that men were more likely than women to exhibit lower self-esteem when their partner experienced more success than they did. Continue reading Time for a Quick Rant! Today’s Rant: Women’s Success and Men’s Self-Esteem