My Daughter’s Joke

At age 9, most of my daughter’s recent jokes have been of the knock-knock variety. There have been a lot of  “no, wait” and “hold on” and “ummm” type interjections in most of her jokes. Prior to that they were of the gleefully spontaneous shout of “I’m jumping on a hamburger!” variety. Actually, that one is her little brother’s, but hers were similar.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that she hand-crafted and told a joke today that Wendy and I both legitimately laughed out loud at.

First, the set up. We have a neighbor upstairs – I guess it’s a family. We’ve never met them and I don’t know anything about them aside from that they have either wood or tile floors, they seem to drop a lot of loose change, and they apparently enjoy playing marbles. Also, the man sneezes twice every morning at around 7:00.

But it’s not just any sneeze. It’s like a screaming sneeze. Or a barking shout of a sneeze with the Ah, but no Choo. Like, “AAAAAH!….. AAAAAH!” So this morning he did his two shout sneezes at 6:50 and I turned to my daughter and did my (quieter) impression of them to make her laugh and she responded,

[insert drum roll here] “Maybe he’s afraid of the dark so when he wakes up he screams over and over until somebody turns on the light for him.” [insert ba-dum tssss here]

It was a great visual that’ll bring a smile to my face every morning at around 7:00 for the rest of the time they live above us!

Humor is one of the hardest things for kids to get a handle on, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. It’s often easy to make kids laugh, but harder for them to make adults laugh. When they really, honestly do it for the first time it’s like a great equalization.

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