Good Quote for February 16, 2014

“Of course, everyone’s parents are embarrassing. It goes with the territory. The nature of parents is to embarrass merely by existing, just as it is the nature of children of a certain age to cringe with embarrassment, shame, and mortification should their parents so much as speak to them on the street. ”


― Neil GaimanAnansi Boys

Just one more to supplement the Rick Riordan quote from the last post.

One thought on “Good Quote for February 16, 2014

  1. What I have to say right here is Neil Gaiman, Wow!! Another of my favorite authors!!! And, I don’t remember if I was embarrassed because of my mom and step-dad! Father died when I was very young! And, my own children have not told me yet how I embarrassed them when they were young. Perhaps that is something that needs to stay “secret” until the day I perish from this earth??

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