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Be cool, dude. The fuzz is coming.

I was doing laundry in my building the other day when I saw this note on top of one of 3 unplugged dryers:

"If you turn on machine, I will call police."
“If you turn on machine, I will call police.”

I was so tempted to turn it on, but I was able to control myself.  It really might have been worth the $1.75 to know that someone called the police.  I could almost picture it.  In my imagination, the police caller was lobster-red angry with little bit’s of spit in the corner of his/her mouth and was shouting into the handset of an old rotary phone, “You people need to get an officer here immediately!  Someone turned on the dryer!  Right here in my building’s laundry room!  I left a note telling them very clearly not to do that!”

But then I got worried that the police would come and haul me away, so I just used one of the other dryers.