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Fantastic Article on Equal Parenting in Offbeat Families Blog

Here’s a link to a fantastic article, Why are moms so hesitant to view their male counterparts as full competent parents?, in the Offbeat Families blog.  It’s one of my favorite blogs – they always have interesting content.  As a stay-at-home dad with an interest in parenting and gender roles, I thought I’d share this particular post because it’s definitely worth a read.

The article is written by a mother who was disturbed by the attitudes expressed in her Mothers of Multiples group about fathers’ general “inability” to co-parent.  I’ve heard similar attitudes from many of the moms I’ve known over the years.  The comments I’ve heard have generally been delivered with a tone of bemused condescension.  “Oh, you don’t even want to see the ‘dinners’ my husband cooks for the kids!”  “You wouldn’t believe what my husband’s idea of a good outfit for picture day is!”  I haven’t heard quite the bitterness that the author of the article describes, but then, as a stay-at-home-father / interloper I’ve always gotten the feeling that these sorts of conversations are held a bit warily when I’m around – as if there is a hesitance to offend by speaking of fathers generally or angrily, so what I have heard is tinged with humor and is specific to the husband of the speaker. Continue reading Fantastic Article on Equal Parenting in Offbeat Families Blog