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Dad Jokes Are Not Funny

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Today, while I was putting together the kids’ after school snack, my son, Jack, laid this on me:

Jack: You know, daddy, we’re the same.

Me: We’re the same?

Jack: Yeah. We both want to be funny, but we’re both not that good at it.

Me: Oh. That’s how we’re the same?

Jack: Yeah. Also, we both have all our teeth. Except I still have some that haven’t grown back in yet, so I don’t have all mine.

Me: So, we’re the same because we’re both not funny and because both of us except for you have all our teeth?

Jack: Yeah.

Me: Here’s your snack.

Now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Which, apparently, has been a problem for me for longer than I was aware.


Image: andrewblack/Flickr

Pay It Forward: The Story of the Sad Bicycle

Once upon a time, there was a very sad bicycle.  Mostly, it was sad because it had no remaining parts. :-(

This bike is clearly distressed.  And perhaps a bit tearful.
This bike is clearly distressed. And perhaps a bit tearful.

Fortunately, a kindly soul, who, coincidentally, wanted room to lock up her own bike, put a very upbeat note on its tired, dilapidated frame to let the owner know the impact their neglectful ways were having on the sad bicycle.  (FYI, I’m going to go ahead and name this bicycle “Horace”.)

This note encapsulates the situation perfectly.
This note encapsulates the situation perfectly.

The passersby were amused by the note she left on Horace and their days were brightened.  People stopped to reflect and take pictures.  Horace began to feel *almost* important.  A 5th grader briefly considered how to apply the funny note technique to a certain “cafeteria situation” at school.  A 28 year old research assistant realized that, with a humorous note, she might be able to get her neighbor to stop his obnoxious habit of leaving wet umbrellas open and blocking up space in the hallway of her building – without needing to fear his reaction.  A 53 year old man immediately decided to save his marriage by leaving a quirky note on the toothpaste he shared with his wife in which the tube proclaimed its own sadness at being squeezed from the middle.  A socially awkward teen felt suddenly free when he made the decision to express all of his sadness through humorous notes.  Plus, the note-writer was finally able to find a place to lock up her own, well-loved bike.  It was a happy ending!

…until the next Monday when the city came out and cut the bike lock and took Horace to be recycled…