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A Family in the City makes the news. Don’t worry. I’m not in trouble.

Here’s something cool: I got an email earlier today from a guy named David Crary, who writes for the Associated Press. He was working on an article about the changing attitudes relating to men and masculinity and he came across my contact info through the Good Men Project.

Anyway, I got a chance to talk with him for a couple of minutes and he was kind enough to include a bit of it in his article.

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=255&sid=28694811

The Best Way to Argue: A How to Guide for Couples

Just for kicks, let’s say you and your partner are two different people. Even better, let’s say you’re two different people with two different personalities, childhoods, ideas, horrific unresolved emotional issues, and, in certain situations, even two different goals.

Now let’s imagine that one day, out of the clear blue sky, those things all combine into a perfect storm of disagreement. Well, if you’re going to do something, you ought to do it right. Right?

In the interests of being the best arguers ever, my wife and I have given an inordinate amount of thought to the best way to argue with one another. Here’s what we’ve learned in a few handy bullet points: Continue reading The Best Way to Argue: A How to Guide for Couples

Interview on Zen Parenting Radio

Here’s some fun A Family in the City news: Todd Adams and Cathy Cassini Adams are the hosts of a parenting podcast called Zen Parenting Radio (the link goes to the home page of their website) and they were nice enough to call me up and interview me! I really like the perspective they take on things. They focus a lot on being self-aware as a parent and, more generally, as a person. They’re certainly worth a listen!

The post they interviewed me about, called “How we talk to kids” here on A Family in the City, was republished on the Good Men Project back in early December under the title “Why Aren’t We Rude to Grown-ups the Way We Are Rude to Kids?”. Todd and Cathy saw it over at there and liked it enough to want to talk about it a bit further.

Anyway, if you want you can listen to the interview here (this link goes to the podcast I got to be on). They’re fun to listen to: they have an easy banter, they have some really cool insights, and, most importantly, they made me sound like much less of a bumbler than I actually am!