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Hey, maybe you’ve enjoyed reading this blog because you think I’m brilliant and handsome! Maybe you read this blog because you feel like you deserve to be severely punished for secret infractions that only you know about and the dreck that spews out of my keyboard is the only thing that does it for you. Maybe you’re my mom and you’ll read anything I write because you love me (hi mom!).

Regardless of the chain of events that brings you to A Family in the City, you’ll be either excited, angry, sad, or emotionally blank to know that you’ll now be able to find more of my inane ramblings over at The Good Men Project. That’s because I’m the new editor of their Marriage section!

My initial introduction and call for submissions went up a couple of days ago and a new article, The Best Way to Argue (A how-to for couples) just went up yesterday afternoon.  You’ll also be able to read lots of other writers opining on marriage stuff.

So, let’s say you’re either married or you’re in a long-term co-habitating type of relationship. Let’s say if you’re not that you either know someone who is married, or you don’t and you’re curious what all this marriage business is. Well, if any of those things describe you, you’ll be either excited, angry, sad, or emotionally blank to know that I’ll have a weekly post, right here at A Family in the City, with links to all the articles I’ll be publishing in the Marriage Section!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanzaa, or Season’s Greetings!