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Coming in August 2013…

A Family in the City will begin regular posts in mid- to late-August, 2013, so check back at the end of the summer for new content.  I’ll be starting a series on teaching kids about nature in the city, one about creating a family identity statement, and one about going on kid-led adventures!  I’ll also be writing reviews for places all around the Boston area.  I’ll also review cool products and I’ll be sharing everyday hacks for family and city life.  
I’m really excited about hearing your stories and tips, too!  I hope you’ll treat this blog like a community forum – a place for your family to share thoughts on topics that are important to you.  What questions do you have?  What answers do you have?  Post them in the comments section below and I’ll do everything I can to address them and incorporate them into future posts.  Together, we can build an online community of urban families who take a thoughtful, unique, and adventurous approach to life.
1896 Tremont St. - Building a different sort of community
Construction in 1896 Tremont St. – Building a different sort of community