Welcome Judy and Tom!!! Because Maybe Kids Need Privacy Too.

I recently read an article about kids and privacy that got me thinking. The gist of the article was that kids need privacy and that a lot of parenting blogs forget this. True enough. Of course, I try not to write things that would put them in danger or anything. That’s why I don’t put photos of them up. But it’s just as important to keep them anonymous for their own general ability to maintain a private life and childhood as more people begin to stumble upon the blog.

That’s why I’m not going to be using Judy and Tom’s real names anymore. You may now be wondering who Judy and Tom are. They’re my kids for the purposes of A Family in the City.

The reason I’m announcing this is that I didn’t want any regular readers (a.k.a., family—thanks for reading, guys!) to wonder what happened to the old kids or how I got new ones so quickly. There’s nothing to worry about! We shipped the old kids back to the dealership under warranty and I got these new ones at a steeply discounted price downtown.

So, if you look back through old posts, you’ll see that the old kids’ names have been removed. The new kids’ names will be used from here on out! What’s the lesson we’ve learned today? Always keep your receipts! Maybe I’ll do a blog post about teaching Judy that lesson…

2 thoughts on “Welcome Judy and Tom!!! Because Maybe Kids Need Privacy Too.

  1. What’s the article that got you thinking? I applaud your decision to leave your kid’s offline. We decided to give our little one the gift of her own online identity–when she’s 18. Between now and then we approach these things in a very 1970 sort of way. As in, back then school pictures and holiday shots were distributed via mail to family and close friends; they made their way onto the kitchen fridge’ or into a family scrapbook; no one that you didn’t trust enough to have in your home saw them…

    Where we are today is a wholly unknown territory with disturbing implications in the areas of safety, personal identity, self worth, and so much more. Just because I think my little one’s cutest-cute video should be shared with family doesn’t mean it is a good idea to trust Facebook’s ever-shifting privacy settings…

    1. Hi Devin, Here’s the article:

      One of the things I try to do on this blog is put the focus on my own dilemmas and questions. When I do write things that are a bit more personal about the kids, I always try to think about whether they’re being portrayed in a positive light. It takes some topics off the table. The other thing I’ve done is make sure they know they’re welcome to read the blog and take part in it.

      It’s funny, I’ve heard for several years now that one of the biggest differences between my generation (X) and younger generations is that younger generations are much more open on social media about the daily minutia of their lives. It’s an easy story on slow news days to talk about the fact that sometimes it comes back to bite them at job interviews, etc. I think the world is moving toward more openness (or oversharing, depending upon one’s point of view) to the point that some degree of sharing is becoming almost a professional requirement. I’m hoping to be able to find a happy medium and guide them to it in their own lives.

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