World Series Entertainment vs Superbowl Entertainment

For the teaming masses who can’t stand not having a World Series game tonight, I’ve written the following to get you through the long, cold, baseball-less night. 

But, first, a confession.  I’ve never been a big baseball fan.  I grew up with parents who thought grown men shouldn’t get paid to play a game.  But then my wife dropped a bombshell on me back in 2006: she wanted to start watching football.  Apparently, her family spent happy Saturdays together watching college football when she was a kid and she’d come to miss it.  So, like a dutiful husband, I started “watching” football with her.  The games were too long.  The rules were too complicated.  There wasn’t any point to it.  But I sat there and half-heartedly watched along anyway.

We were living in New England by that time and didn’t have a professional football team that we’d followed as kids, so we settled on the Patriots.  By about halfway through the Pats undefeated 2007 season, my interest was piqued and, long story short, I’m now a football fan.

Baseball’s a different kind of beast though, and I’ve just never gotten that excited about it, but now that we’re living near Fenway, I can’t help but be excited about watching the World Series.  And in doing so, I’ve noticed something.  Baseball and football are fundamentally different things (even aside from the whole “being different things” thing, I mean).  Here’s how I can tell:  the entertainment breaks.  Think about it.  The halftime show at the Superbowl is almost as big a deal as the commercials.  They’ve had The Who, Madonna, Beyonce, Prince, The Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney just to name a few recent ones.

In the World Series they’ve had a quick rendition of “God Bless America” every night during the 7th inning stretch.  So, I don’t know exactly what this means about baseball as compared to football, but it clearly hints as some sort of core difference between the two sports.

Anyway, here’s a link about the history of singing “God Bless America” at baseball games because why not?